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About us

Federation of Indian Industry

Federation of Indian Industry (FII), a not-for-profit organization, is an advisory interface between the Government and Industries. A creation of Industrialist & Philanthropist, Mr.Deepak Jain, with an objective to provide a structured and comprehensive advise and information to Indian Entrepreneurs, Foreign Investors and Government on business environment, prevalent laws, operational intricacies, and implementable solutions. FII offers a platform for networking and relationship building within and across the industrial sectors, policy makers, and the International business fraternity.

Who We Are

Federation of Indian Industry (FII) is an active and established associate of a number of consultative boards/committees groups designed by Govt. of India and the State Governments.

Our Mission

We aim to build an exclusive platform for Enterprises and businesses. We also wish to become a leader in providing Entrepreneurs with required support in various areas.

Our Vision

Federation of Indian Industry (FII) is known for its transparency, stability, commitment, and integrity. Our team has smart and dedicated professionals with an aim to succeed and be the best.

Our Credit

We are appreciated for our services satisfaction, respect, and credibility. FII is the Leading representative association of small, medium and large enterprises.

News at a Glance

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Enabling Global Footprints

Today, the opportunities to expand internationally are better than they ever have been before. Conducting business globally has become an essential part of the overall strategy for many businesses. FII advices on vital information related to Government incentives, tax laws, customs regulations, and cultural/ political/ business environment of the host country.

Make In India

The Global investors are watching India with a great interest after the launch of “Make in India” initiative by the Indian Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi. At FII, we advise and extend our assistance to ensure a smooth sailing for the Government /Companies across the globe to make investment and set up factories and expand their facilities in India.

Ease Of Doing Business

One of our objectives is to help various State Governments by emphasizing the areas of business regulation that need attention; underlining a few unproductive, redundant, wasteful processes & laws already prevalent in the system and suggesting possible alteration in Laws & Processes for the progression and nurturing of the business-friendly environment.

Advice On Taxation Policy

Companies are affected by a multitude of tax issues. FII provides an analytical guidance and comprehensive advice on double taxation and tax structuring to Governments and companies.

State Industrial Policies

FII is equipped to advise on multiple investment location options for a business project like, special economic zones, country specific zones, industrial estates, etc. We are also enabling investors to overcome deferrals in getting licenses, company incorporation, land acquisition, and other necessary procedures & approvals.

Entrepreneurial Skill Development

India’s demographic dividend, which is both, the leading opportunity and the demanding challenge, for the country. FII provides a coordinated effort in skill development initiatives across the country. We conduct series of skills workshops and developmental programs aimed at professional & self-employment.

Creating Opportunities... Building Nation!!

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