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Greetings to our Readers across the Globe!!

PM Modi seems everywhere and Country seems to enjoy the global attention that he is getting. Undoubtedly, after Atal ji, he is by far the most popular mass Leader. Commonwealth meet at London, followed by other meet at China and elsewhere puts Modi firmly in place so far as the global fraternity is concerned. His engagements with Nepal also plugs in the gaps in the Indo Nepal relations and also checkmates Chinese engagements there.

On domestic front , BJP is the beneficiary of the Master strategists duo, Amit Shah, the BJP Party President and PM Modi, whose charisma is riding the waves. The impressive forays of BJP in North East India is a shining example of this. The unthinkable has been done and BJP is ruling in more than 20 states either on its own or in alliance form. Karnataka is another example of the Modi magic wand. He seems to have struck a chord with the domestic voters. Winning 104 seats in Karnataka is no mean task. Now till the time of going with this newsletter, BJP has been invited by the Governor to form Government and should not be difficult for the B S Yeddyurappa to carve out a working majority for him to sail smoothly. This would be the 21st BJP/ alliance Government to rule the Nation. By far Modi is the best bet of BJP and Indians for the Nation.

In the past 4 years Modi has undertaken Major economic reforms like Demonetization and GST. Structural reforms are always a thankless job in which the costs have to be borne upfront by the Political leadership. But for the few hiccups, the GST is gradually stabilising. Country has by and large forgotten the pain of Demo. These far reaching changes in the way we do business shall bring dividends to the Nation in the long run. The major tectonic shift in the psyche of the business people shall bring rewards when country places itself in the top 5 economies of the World. From ALL CASH economy to CASH LESS economy is indeed a great job of immense satisfaction for any Government.

All we can say is that Modi is the best of the lot for the Country. He may have shortcomings, but his intent is good beyond doubt for the Nation. And in case he is able to pull through in 2019, then in that case we may witness another span of 5 Glorious years.

Goodbye until the next issue of Newsletter. Please do keep writing to us on how you find this newsletter- India News by FII.

Deepak Jain
Federation of Indian Industry.