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Govt. denies change in stance on Dalai Lama to please China

The government, responding to media reports, said that it has not changed its position on the Dalai Lama in order to please China. It added that he’s free to carry out his religious activities in the country. The reports said that the government had asked government officials to stay away from events related to commemorate 60 years of the exile in India of the Buddhist spiritual leader.
This alleged directive was attributed to India not wanting to rock the boat Vis-à- vis relations with Beijing, which considers the Dalai Lama a ‘dangerous separatist’, and which considers Tibet a part of China. Although, the government didn’t out-rightly deny issuing such a directive. All it said was that its position on the Dalai Lama hasn’t changed. A whole host of events have been planned to mark 60 years of the Dalai Lama being in India.